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We are pleased to offer the Iron Element Club for many benefits in the store and online and also for the use of our outdoor pistol & rifle range. 


What you get:

  • Punch card with 10 punches

    • When 10 punches are complete - you get 15% of one select item in the store!

    • Free punch with a friend-referral for the club

  • 5% off firearms and ammunition purchases as long as you are active member

  • Guaranteed 5% consignment fee(store fee is only 5% for anything you sell consignment)
  • Range Use (See below)
  • Club member only raffles
  • Club member only sales and insider deal (Online also)
  • Free T-shirt

Range Use

Handgun Range – out to 50 yards

Steel torso, plate rack and dueling tree targets. Stands for paper targets.

Rifle Range – out to 100 yards – Some events and times will allow for a 200 yard range.

Steel torso targets, paper target ability.

Targets on the cheap – bullseyes, defensive scenario targets and more!

Guest Pass – Each paying member will be able to bring a guest 1X per calendar month.

  • Guests who sign up as a member from their first visit will receive a $5 off first month or $20 off a yearly membership. Member who brings guest that signs up will receive a 2A Ambassador gift consisting of $25 coupon to Iron Element.

The range is open during regular store hours ONLY. No exceptions. 


Individual Membership: $150 per year

In order to become a member for range use:

  1. Must complete Iron Element Range Orientation to become active status member.

  2. Must sign agreement to follow all rules and guidelines at all times.

    1. Must also sign release, waiver & indemnification forms

  3. Must be paid in full before using the range

  4. May only use the range DURING active store hours – no exceptions whatsoever

The range is located at:

6560 Howick Rd. 

Celina, OH 45822

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