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Fighting Carbine Fundamentals       





$100 per student


This is a 6 hour course introducing and developing skills such as:

Zeroing the sights

Speed and tactical reloads

Malfunction clearing


Use of Cover

Managing variable ranges

Accessory options


What you will learn in this course:

  • The basics of how to effectively run an AR-15

  • How to fight with the rifle (tactics, skills, concerns)

  • How to address the 3 main types of AR-15 malfunctions

  • Effective movement under fighting condition

  • Rifle to handgun transitions

  • Basic team dynamics of fighting with the rifle



This course takes place entirely on the live fire range

Minimum 350 rounds - rifle, 50 rounds handgun


*Fighting rifle such as AR-15 required with 3 magazines and some way to carry the magazines. A sling is required.

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