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What people are saying about us!


Justin and the coaches did a great job. Excellent program, highly recommend for young experienced or first timers. Emphasis on SAFETY and proper handling of firearms.

“I’ve been involved in Law Enforcement my whole life, I've done a lot of training like this, and what you presented and how you did it in this class was top shelf. I learned a lot, it was excellent. Thank you!” 

- David – Church Security Team Development Phase 1

"I just want to thank you for everything I learned in the trauma class(TER). My son was bitten by a dog and I knew exactly what steps to take to help him and get the EMS on the way.

 - Mike - New Knoxville Ohio

"I'd recommend anyone to go to Iron Element. It was fun with lots of laughs. I would go back and do it all again." 

 - Max - Celina Ohio ( CHL)

"I recently participated in the Advanced Concealed Carry Development class and I can't recommend it enough. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the class is well structured. You get the chance to learn and practice new skills in an entirely hands on way.

There was so much information presented in the class that it almost seemed overwhelming. I say almost because it wasn't. It all had a logical progression and each stage of the class built on the previous making it simple to assimilate the information.

The instructors were very open to questions and always made the answers understandable. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to further their defensive skills and I would recommend Iron Element as a whole to anyone interested in learning about or purchasing firearms."  

  - Shana - Lima Ohio

 "I attended this class. It was a life changing experience. Because of this class I now feel more prepared in handling a life threatening event. We watched videos of people who had been injured and dying and no one on the scene knew what to do. What a nightmare it would be to just stand there watching someone bleed out. I suggest everyone take this course. Empower yourself."

 - James - Celina Ohio  - From the Traumatic Emergency Response Course


"Always a great time and awesome group of people and friendly while tough competition! Thanks guys for putting on such a fantastic match! I had such a blast and learned so much! It's worth every 1hr 45mins of travel 👍🏻 IRON ELEMENT!"

 - Amy - 22 LR Competitor



"Opened my eyes a lot today. Great day of training, discussion and experience. If you want have the tools and techniques to perform when evil comes, then train with these guys."

 - Greg - Church Security Team Development Phase 2

"I took the CCW course with Justin from Elemnt Arms (Iron Element Training). The course was extremely informative for everyone with all levels of shooting experience. I also purchased my Kimber from Elemnt arms. I cannot recommend Justin and Elemnt Arms enough. I will sign up or more courses in the future."

  - Todd – Rockford Ohio


"I contacted Justin and we put together a class at my house. I got 8 close friends who were interested. There was room for more. All involved loved the close interaction and information and training we received. I would recommend Justin to anyone interested in getting their conceal and carry permit. "

 - Keith – Celina Ohio


"With sound knowledge, a good sense of humor, and lots of training aids including a variety of pistols and revolvers for hands on examination, Justin does a superior job of teaching the concealed carry class with two hours of range experience. I have no regrets about taking his class. "

 - Bill - Celina Ohio


"I want to thank Justin and (Iron Element) for a really great CHL class. It was interesting and informative, covering many of the safety, legal and technical aspects of carrying concealed. The instructors were very knowledgeable and passionate about the issues, and very helpful on the range. I would recommend them to anyone."

 - Joe - Coldwater Ohio


"I just wanted to say that I took Justin's class and thoroughly enjoyed it! I have told a lot of people who are interested in taking their concealed carry class he's the one I would suggest to go to. Very glad I did it!! Thanks Justin!! (Iron Element)"

 - TJ – Celina Ohio


"Wanted to write to you and let you know how great your course was. I was very pleased with the professionalism, knowledge and training you offered at your class. Excellent class!!"

 - Andrew - Dayton Ohio

"Took the Advanced Conceal Carry Development class today. Not going to lie...I was afraid to get out of the car. I am hardly a physically fit, athletic person and I was afraid it would be more than I could handle. I am happy to report that I passed "advanced gun ninja" class with praise from my husband and leaders. I have a "fear" of guns and was absolutely terrified. I honestly walked away from this class today feeling confident in my new skills which by the way include: shooting from my knees, from a chair, from a car, from cover, with an ugly balloon faced "partner", and a figure 8 drill. These were made to mimic real life situations and some involved having things thrown at me, cars rocking and my cell phone ringing to distract me. Thank you Iron Element, Justin, Todd, and Jimmy for encouraging me today! I'll be back!"

  - Jennifer - Celina Ohio


"The Concealed Carry Class by Justin/Iron Element was outstanding.  The presentation of the material was excellent.  With my job, I am involved weekly with speakers behind a podium, in front of a live audience & cameras, recording everything.  Recordings that go out to people via DVD all over the world.  So I know the work involved for someone to deliver a quality presentation.  Justin's presentation was a great combination of real life, practical information, along with the NRA standards for CCW qualifications.  


The information in his class really caters to a wide variety of people.  I didn't know a whole lot about shooting, handling a gun, etc....and I never once felt like I was being "talked down to."  Justin explained a lot of detailed topics in an easy to understand way.  I think anyone, regardless of experience with guns, would benefit from this class.  


One great benefit of the class was there was plenty of personal attention from Justin as a trainer, both in the classroom and on the range.  He took great care to make sure everyone got what they needed.  He also emphasized safety as his number one focus.  Justin clearly knows his subject, has the credentials, the practical experience, and the passion for providing an outstanding CCW course.  Justin took time with several of the students that had new guns.  He helped them with specific details about their guns and made sure they were comfortable with them.  He was very encouraging with all of us students and we felt like we were in good hands and getting our money's worth!


Overall, this class has to be one of the best CCW/CHL available, because of the quality of the presentation, the personal time involved with each student, and Justin's experience to back up his instruction.  It was also awesome to do the class in 1 day!  The whole class experience was worth every penny!"

 - Lloyd - New Knoxville Ohio


About the Advanced Conceal Carry Development Course


                                                  A HUSBAND AND WIFE’S THOUGHTS!!



      He explains every tiny detail of how you are supposed to react and perform!


      Basic step-by-step is how we started learning;  the realistic and proper way from a creditable instructor is the only way to go … I could dream all day of how I would react,  but until I woke up and instilled proper instruction into action my day dreams of how I would do it were quickly diminished.


       This class emphasized “REAL LIFE” personal defense situations. It ‘s definitely not for the person just interested in competition shooting, or for simple bragging rights. You will learn the techniques how to seriously and effectively defend yourself and/or your family during a violent attack.


      Every time I take a class from Iron Element Training it leaves me wanting everyone dear to me too learn the same skills and knowledge.


      We highly recommend this class… Justin is an excellent instructor. It is well worth your time, money, and  effort.



Jason- Not yet when’s the next class?

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