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At Iron Element we take training very seriously. Our purpose is to provide the best possible training we can in such a way that it is accessible and enjoyable for those participating. Safety is of course our first concern and nothing is done in training that has a potential safety risk that outweighs the expected benefit. 

You can expect to get total professionalism and a focus on meeting each individual student's needs from any instructors affiliated with Iron Element. We strive to give precision training, with absolute integrity and purpose. 

Our courses range from the basic to very advanced and everywhere in between. We offer open registration courses as well as all kinds of private instruction. If you have a need for instruction of any type, we can tailor a course for you. See our individual courses under the Training Tab to get more information! Let's get to the range!

Iron Element Offers All of the Following Courses of Training


Basic Firearm Safety

Youth Firearms Worship (ages 8-17)

Traumatic Emergency Response 

Concealed Handgun License Certification (State of Ohio)

Advanced Concealed Carry Development

Home Defense with a Firearm (Women's only class offered)

Fighting Carbine Fundamentals

Kalashnikov Fundamentals

Intuitive Focus Shooting aka:Combat Focus Shooting (2-day)

*All courses can be offered as an individual course or private group. Individual and private group rate applies. Many courses can be held at your location. Inquire for more details!

*To request private training opportunities type out which type of training you require in the Training Course box and write "Private" in the message box below. Someone will contact you within 48 hours.  


"The Nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.

- Thucydides


Course schedules and times are subject to change without notice.  Every instructor and range has diverse rules and training styles based upon State or Association approved curriculum.  Fees may therefore vary from time to time based on location. Iron Element is not responsible for changes in your home state or municipality laws. All students are required to abide by and understand laws and regulations in their home area.
Iron ELement is fully insured and has a zero tolerance policy towards safety violations. 

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