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The 22 Long Rifle competition began in the summer of 2019

In this competition shooters test their skill in a variety of positions including standing, kneeling, sitting, using objects for support. prone and bench rest. 

Shooters utilize .22LR rifles of any action type, size, or configuration. Only attached accessories are permitted and each station or shooting position has it's own requirements. 

Accuracy is our main focus, with ranks being determined by accuracy score. Our shooters must shoot within time confinements as well. 

This competition has shots that range from 50 to 200 yards. 

No matter what age, experience or skill level, everyone is invited to take part!

The winner receives a custom Iron Element trophy as well as their name engraved on a crest plate of the Iron Element Champion's Helm. Sponsored prizes are also given. 

To find more information or sign up and register contact us or register under the Schedule and Registration tab. 

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