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Transfer Policy

               The official gun transfer policy at Iron Element requires a $25 fee on transferring any firearm that we cannot provide to you through the store within a reasonable time-frame. This includes used guns, rare guns, or the very few guns that we are unable to procure through dealer supply. Any firearm that we are able to provide through normal dealer supply will require a $50 fee per item. This includes transfers through any store or website selling the same items that we also provide.

                To continue to support online companies who use dealers to promote themselves at the dealer’s expense, is a self-defeating strategy. We will no longer focus our  support for those companies that attempt to sell items cheaper than dealers do, and then use those same dealers to transfer the guns through. Any dealers who do this are contributing to their own demise, which will in turn, eventually lead to the end of those online sales and the companies who promote them so heavily.

                We understand shopping for the lowest price, which is why Iron Element uses a low margin of profit on all firearm sales as a standard rule. To continue to support brands and companies who seek only to bring in profit while using local dealers is to support the end of local dealer businesses. This in time leads to the end of the ability to transfer any guns at all.

                We thank you for your understanding and as always, Iron Element, LLC will continue to provide uncompromising support for the products we sell and the people who purchase from us. We are about more than just guns and you will continue to receive that same support and service in dealing with us locally or from a distance via the internet or phone.


                For NFA transfers, Iron Element, LLC will require a $100 fee to support the receipt of NFA items such as silencers purchased online and the completion of the Form 4 tax stamp payment. This includes the storage of your NFA item as it awaits the form 4 tax stamp process, which can take several months. 


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