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Unarmed Personal Protection




The Unarmed Personal Protection or “UPP” course is designed to provide knowledge and skills that prepare for personal defense without a firearm. This course finds it’s context in daily life and movement where a criminal may target and attempt to engage an innocent person. Students of the course will learn how to view and interact with their environment to put themselves in the safest possible situations. The course also explores what criminals look for, how they behave and how to counter their efforts using awareness, movement, tools and close personal contact. 

This course involves 2 parts. Part 1 takes place first and includes the classroom portion of information and skill development. 

Part 2 brings in the live action responses, drills and skills in practical use. Part 1 must be completed before Part 2. 

Our typical open registration course conducts Part one from 8-10:30 am and Part 2 from 12-2 pm

This is a non-firearms course involving hand to hand skills and personal defense empowerment. 

Who should take it:

                Anyone who conducts activities of any kind where criminals may be present.


Tuition is $50 per person. 

A student ID activates a $5 off coupon. 

*See our "Sign Up for Training & Events" page under the "MORE" tab to register!




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