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Women's Home Defense with a Firearm


The WHDF course is a 5 hour course designed to prepare women to defend their homes and their families from a violent attacker. This course is also offered as a co-ed "Home Defense with a firearm" course.


$70/student  - We now offer a friend discount which applies if a student brings a friend. The total due for both is $130. 


This course presents concepts such as: 

 - Awareness and mindset and how to be the wrong woman. 

 - Home layout and landcape considerations

 - Home defense planning

 - Gun storage safety and accessibility

 - Gun handling 

 - Winning the fight

 - The aftermath of a defensive shooting


There is a minimum of 150 rounds required. 

This course does not require a Concealed Handgun Permit to attend, nor any previous firearm experience.

There will be live-fire training focused on safety, firearm presentation and handling. Students will have the option to try out both a shotgun and rifle, along with proper training for each, in this course. 



“Am I paranoid? Not at all. But I do realize reality and I do value life enough to put in some hours so that I'm better prepared just in case. Would it be easier to ignore it all and live indifferently? Absolutely. But that would not help anyone if the bad thing did happen.”~Amber

*See our "Sign Up for Training & Events" page under the "MORE" tab to register!




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