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Traumatic Emergency Response - TER


The TER course is designed to prepare students to be capable to respond to a traumatic emergency. At Iron Element, we aren't just about guns and we train with purpose. This course is one that teaches both what equipment one should have available and also how to use it in the context of a serious physical injury or wounding.  

$85/student  - We offer a "take home" medical kit(TER kit) with the actual equipment you learn about in this class for a combined price of $235. Our TER kit is $165 outside of the class.  


This course presents concepts such as: 

 - How to address the initial few minutes of a serious physical injury or wounding

-  Concepts and techniques on how to properly use equipment and how to treat life-threatening injury or wounds

-  Hands on training and practice in actually using the same equipment that is in our TER kit and should be in every emergency response kit. You will self apply equipment and also apply on another person 

-  Information and training on proper equipment versus "knock-off" equipment

-  At the conclusion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to save a life, be it their own or someone else's

We feel that this is perhaps the most important course offered at Iron Element since it applies not just in the context of a firearms situation but also in any injury or wounding situation. The knowledge and skills from this course can be applied in situations such as auto-accidents, work accidents, active shooting situations, etc. 


"I attended this class. It was a life changing experience. Because of this class I now feel more prepared in handling a life threatening event. We watched videos of people who had been injured and dying and no one on the scene knew what to do. What a nightmare it would be to just stand there watching someone bleed out. I suggest everyone take this course. Empower yourself."

 - James - Celina Ohio  

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."  - Benjamin Franklin




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