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Introducing the Youth Firearms Workshop

            Presented by Iron Element Training


When:  TBD

   Time: 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Where: Celina, Ohio

Conducted by Iron Element Training – Justin Miesse, Lead Instructor/Owner


            This course is designed to introduce youth to the correct way to handle, operate and interact with firearms in a safe manner. The primary focus is to teach youths to understand both how firearms work, and how to be safe with them and around them. They will also be exposed to different types of firearms such as pistol, rifle and shotgun and they will be given an opportunity to shoot each of these and learn about their characteristics. By the end of the session the students should have a basic knowledge of firearms and a keen awareness of the safety focus that is necessary wherever firearms are involved. We will also provide them the opportunity to enjoy the sport of shooting under direct coaching and a fun educational atmosphere.




Course Objectives:

  1. To teach students the knowledge of safe gun handling and use

  2. To teach students the basic functions of firearms including the pistol, rifle and shotgun

  3. To provide fundamental shooting skill development opportunities for students

  4. To introduce youths to the correct way to handle, operate and interact with firearms of all types





The cost of the course is $70 per student and that will include ammunition for each youth to shoot some pistol, rifle and shotgun. Of course parents and guardians are welcome to observe, however all instruction, coaching and range safety will be conducted by Iron Element instructors and volunteers who have been prepared and trained to conduct such activities. 


  Youths are not required to bring any firearms but if they have ear protection and eye protection they are welcome to bring that for their own use. This equipment will be available for use for anyone who does not bring their own.

No experience is necessary. Youth who have no experience and those with some experience will both find this course valuable, informative, and fun. As students gain a command of safety, shooting fundamental skills will be focued on for development. 

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