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Intuitive Defensive Shooting

Intuitive Defensive Shooting, is an intuitive shooting program designed to work well with what the body does naturally to help the shooter respond more efficiently in the context of a real fight. 




     This program was designed by trainer Rob Pincus to help a shooter use what the body does naturally under stress and surprise instead of working against it. Many traditional training methodologies have attempted to train the body to do something counter to what it naturally does when startled and surprised. Through years of research and the widening availability of such things as Dash Camera videos from law enforcement shootings and C.C.T.V. surveillance it was discovered that many individuals would revert back to their body’s natural reactions even after having been through years of training in a specific technique.

     Combat Focus shooting was designed from close study of these real-life events, in depth study of the physiology of the human body, the functions of the human brain and the relationship between the body and equipment.


     This course is offered in both a one-day and 2-day format. The one day course is 8 hours and the 2 day course is 16 hours. Through this course a student is exposed to the body’s external and internal reactions to a surprising threat, the high compressed ready position, presentation from a holster, lateral movement, the balance of speed and precision, critical incident reloading, and much more! Combat Focus Shooting has been utilized by military, law enforcement and civilians alike all over the world. 


If you carry a firearm, or possess one for self-defense, this course is an absolute must. You will learn concepts that will change your entire way of thinking about self defense and you will develop skills that can truly save your life. If you carry a firearm for self defense, do not miss this course.  Contact us to see how you can be involved in this program!


The concepts and materials from this program can be found in the book, Combat Focus Shooting: Evoluation 2010 - Rob Pincus


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