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Advanced Concealed Carry Development


The ACCD course is a 6 hour course designed to teach and develop skills and techniques for concealed carry. This course takes place entirely on the range. Depending on the students and their desire for more shooting, this course may run longer. 


$100 per student   $80 for Iron Element Members


The following skills will be taught and developed:

 - Presentation from a holster

 - Critical Incident Reload

 - Shooting from realistic shooting positions such as seated, fallen on the ground and from inside a vehicle

 - Decision making under stress including determining threat levels and shoot or no shoot scenarios

 - Engaging multiple targets

 - Shooting around other human beings

 - Movement while under duress


This course takes place entirely on the range, there is no classroom portion. 

There is a minimum of 350 rounds per student.

Class sizes are held to a maximum of 6.

Iron Element Provides 350 rounds of ammunition at cost if notified in advance of caliber for student (Ammunition cost may vary depending on supplier market price)

A valid Ohio Concealed Handgun License is required for particiapation in this course or proof of the necessary training to get a CHL/CCW

 *Concealed Handgun Licenses from states other than Ohio are accepted on a case by case basis and may require prerequisite qualification.

*See our "Sign Up for Training & Events" page under the "MORE" tab to register!




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Advanced Concealed Carry Development

Advanced Concealed Carry Development

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