Receive personal 1 on 1 firearms instruction on pistol safety, operation, skills and development. We tailor this coaching to your needs and your skill level. Whether you are brand new to guns or have been shooting for years, we can offer coaching to help you take your shooting and gun handling to the next level!

We have basic instruction as well as advanced handgun instruction(prices vary). Each price is representative for 1 hour of instruction. 

Contact us for details on scheduling your training!

Personal Firearms Coaching

  • Iron Element coaches assume no responsibilty for your action, use or ownership of firearms after instruction or coaching. You are responsible to obey laws and continue to be safey and responsible with firearms. 

    Minors must have a minor consent form signed and dated by a legal guardian in order to receive coaching. Minors must also be accompanied by an adult for training. 

    Legal advice is not provided by Iron Element instructors and any coversations regarding legal action carry no weight nor serve as official stance of Iron Element, LLC. You must seek your own legal counsel for guidance and direction regarding all legal matters.